3 years ago on 28 September 2011 @ 7:15pm + 13 notes
# fat

I’m so sick of this. how about you?

I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself. Sick of feeling like im fat. Sick of feeling guilty after every meal or snack. Sick of comparing myself. I dont want to complain about my body anymore. I want to be proud of myself. It’s MY fault for letting myself get like this, so its up to me to change it. Im putting my foot down. no more “new years resolutions” no more “only one bite’s” . This fall im going to put my foot down, grow some freaking will power and throw away the bon bons. no one likes a whiner. so im going to give everything i have to change who i am for 2012. you just wait. while im covered in sweatshirts and long pants in the winter. by next summer its gonna be BAM. and everyone is going to be like DAYUMM. you just wait. im sick of feeling this way. 

if anyone else feels this way id be happy to encourage you and help anyway i can ! 

feel free to leave messages :D

3 years ago on 26 September 2011 @ 10:11pm + 10 notes
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You angry? Run. You happy? Run. You sad? Run. You bursting with energy? Run. Run. Run.