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Don’t get down on yourself because you can’t lose weight fast enough. Don’t cry from what the scale tells you. Don’t starve because you “feel” in control. Don’t feel like you are failing. Taking a stand to change your lifestyle, even if it is just recognizing you need a change, is success in itself. Keep going. You have already won. Just claim your prize.

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Imagine if society’s ideal of beauty was flipped 180 degrees. What if being skinny was seen as repulsive. Would you still strive for it?

Remember why you are doing this. Losing weight shouldn’t be for an image. It should be for you and your own health.

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It’s okay to play around and joke, but I swear to God. You ever make fun of someone’s weight, boy or girl, big or small; so help me GOD I will take your ass to the floor.

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There’s no easy way to say this, and I’m pretty sure I will get some hate from this.

If you don’t like your body then change it. I get so sick of seeing these stupid posts on tumblr “I’m such a whale” “I can never go a day without being fat” or those black and white picture of sad girls with the depressing fat captions. Like for reals. I’m done pitying myself because I “feel” fat. Even if you are fat (and I mean legitimately fat, not just “oh god i have pudge!) then you don’t have to stay that way. 

Courtney from Biggest Loser season 11 started at 450+ lbs. She had every right to tear herself apart and go into the deep depression pit of self hate. You know what she did? She lost 100 pounds PRIOR to the biggest loser and then lost 100+ MORE and through the entire time she had a smile on her face and knew she was beautiful. She knew she didn’t have to stay that way and worked her ass off every single day out there. She says and I quote “Sometimes I wonder what I might say if God came to me tomorrow & asked, “If you could go back in time & I could make you fat or small…what would you choose?” Well, the answer just struck me and I know it to be true. I would say I’d rather be the same, Lord. I choose big. I know that sounds crazy beause I am spending every second of my life fighting to get small. But I truly believe being overweight has made me a better person. It has let me sit back and observe things, see people for what they are. It has made me not take things for granted; I appreciate every single thing in lifeso much because of it. Really I do. I see beauty all around me because I have had to sit out on the sidelines for so long.”

So gosh dang it people, quite the self pity of “I am SO FAT.” because frankly, you aren’t. And if you are, then evaluate what got you to that point, make a plan, and get out of it. It took time to gain a lot of weight and it will take time to lose a lot of weight. 

I’m just tired of the stupid posts on my dash. Pisses me off. So please, just chin up. Don’t like it? It’s my opinion. You are entitled to your own as I am to mine. 

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If I am considered a fool to believe that beauty cannot be contained in a size, I will die a damn fool.

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Beauty in Society. (Rant)

Today I want to just talk about the concept of beauty we hear is so distorted in our society (which it is), but not in the sense of society. We can all hoot and yell about how society “fucks up” our own idea of beauty, which, in a sense, is true. But we forget, ladies and gentlemen, that our own sense of beauty stems from our own mindset. 

Why is it that you can see everyone else beautiful, but not your own flesh and blood? Why do you curse the horrid torture that is society, but don’t realize that hatred for your own flesh doesn’t just stem from other people. 

We all know how society portrays and views beauty in this screwed up manor, but now it is time to stop paying attention so much to society, and look at your own value of yourself. Because at the end of the day, society is not judging you when you stand naked in front of your own mirror, or about to take a shower. It’s you. You are the person who evaluates your own self worth at the end of the day. 

If you were put into a perfect society where the concept of beauty was not skewed would you also view yourself as a beautiful individual? 

Don’t let your surroundings determine whether or not you are beautiful or whether you need to lose weight. Don’t always blame society for making you feel “ugly.” Because no matter what society you may be stuck into, you are always going to be beautiful. I am so very guilty of trashing everything about me, because honestly, I don’t know any different. I have lived my whole life cursing my looks and thinking I will never find anyone to love me. 

You need to love yourself before you can win this battle. Before this journey is over. Society is always going to be fucked up. Always. No society is perfect. Don’t use society as an excuse to hate yourself. Not everyone is going to be nice to you or like you I get that; but the least you could do for yourself is to see you as you should be seen. Beautiful, strong, amazing, powerful, and capable people. 

Don’t be your biggest obstacle. Love your body. One step at a time.

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This needs to be said.

When I reach my ugw, my esteemed confidence level, or even lose another 15-20 lbs, I will not change the way I act or dress really. I understand that people think that “clothes only look good on skinny” (which btw i disagree with), but I just don’t feel the need to show off what i earned in such a immodest way. What you wear is whatever you want, but clearly I don’t see a respectable woman who has her boobs hanging out and her butt flopping over her shorts. I want girls to see me as a role model when I go out in public. Someone they can be like “I want to be like her because she loves her body with a respect and still can get attention from guys.” not “Omg why cant I look like her i hate my body.” And even if I do get attention from guys, I don’t want the attention simply because I look “hot,” but because I am a likable person. Why do I want to be some guys object of a sex fantasy? 

I just don’t want to put down the people in this world who are struggling through the same thing I am going through when I see a girl who is dressed like she is ready for sex. I don’t want people to feel like they have to look like everyone else to feel pretty. I’m not going to suddenly be different because I am smaller. I will be who I have always been, and dress the way I always have. 

I just don’t understand why skinny = immodest all of a sudden. But I’ll live in my old fashioned ways. I’m content with my body in modest clothing. I have boobs. Everyone clearly knows I have boobs without them hanging out of my shirt. Thanks. 

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You wake up, walk into the bathroom past the scale and get ready to go out. You slip downstairs for some tea and fruit, and come back upstairs to get dressed. You slip past the scale again, eyeing it. Instead of getting nervous you smile, walk downstairs, and out the door. You finally did it, you conquered the fear. The fear of rejection, weight, a number. You are finally happy with yourself and your work without the numbers. And that, my friends, is worth more than any UGW could dare offer me.

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Something to throw out there.

I reblog all types of girls and body types.

Fit girls, naturally skinny girls, toned girls, hipster girls, scene girls, tan girls, pale girls, girls with long braided hair, girls who suffered from breast cancer, girls who recovered from EDNOS, girls who are still losing weight, girls with abs, flat tummies, pudgy tummies, round butts, no butts, thigh gaps, thighs touching, before and afters, girls who are happy, girls who are sad. 

Why is my blog not honed in on one type? Simple.

All of these girls define beauty. 

I support healthy and fit girls for a lifestyle which is why i do not reblog girls with an EDNOS because it is triggering and hurtful (and triggering to some), but what you do with your lifestyle is entirely up to your liking. I only support a healthy and positive body image, but healthy is the only sexy just doesn’t cut it for me. Yes, healthy is sexy, but I feel sometimes we weightloss-bloggers and fitspo-gals get so caught up in our own journeys we forget to branch out and take note of the beauty in every single one of us. 

It fills me with hurt when I see those picture with an anorexic girl on one side and a plus size model on the other or a fit gym women saying “wouldnt you rather be fit and curvy? the other side is disgusting.” That girl on the other side with her bones sticking out is hurting. Her battle is clearly shown on her body because of the mental view point she has on her own body from the media today or maybe her own subconscious. 

Be careful on how you promote any lifestyle you choose. Healthy is what I support, yes; but don’t ever put down or discard the broken girls who are struggling to see themselves in a positive light. How can they when both sides of the spectrum frown down upon them? Not being skinny enough or being mocked for not being healthy? That can do cruel and awful things to someone’s well being. 

We have come to far from what we were, but don’t forget about that place you originally came from. Don’t forget about the help you looked for in others. Don’t forget about the beauty in every eye or the battle worn by every girl’s body.

Please don’t forget. Please remember to see the beauty. <3

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If you let a number on the scale, people you yearn to impress, a boy you once had, a boy you wish you had, a boy you may have but are afraid of losing, parents, clothing sizes, bathing suits, food choices, grades, a reflection in the mirror, or anything else determine your happiness I PROMISE YOU. You will live a miserable life.

Don’t depend on other things to make you happy. You control your happiness. You can control your emotions. I let people control how I felt for a long time. Don’t shut anyone out, or don’t be afraid to love someone or something. Just don’t let anything suck out your joy. Enjoy happiness with them, not let them be your only source of it.


To me, quite honestly, I’m not really understanding all of the hate from some of these blogs and anons.

"I don’t understand why you say you are a fitness blog but want a thigh gap" 

"Why do you reblog pictures of a cookie every now and then, that is TRIGGERING"

"I don’t get why you don’t support ANY kind of weightloss."

So to just hit on a few, simply because I have a fitness blog does not mean I don’t also want to lose weight. Looking at my weight as I am NOW, I am a bit over weight. Becoming fit for ME means losing 15-20 lbs roughly. I did my research and found my perfect healthy weight for myself. Wanting a thigh gap, a smaller butt, a flatter tummy, or smaller legs etc is not a BAD thing. The bad thing is hating your body and letting those desired consume your weight loss. You need to love your body in all its imperfections whether that be rubbing thighs, a tummy pudge, or stretch marks; but striving for your ideal weight and measurements isn’t a horrible thing at all !

Also, if me posting an occasional picture of meat, cookies, bread, calories, carbs, or whatever is bad for you to look at then please just scroll past it. I enjoy my food. I really do, and if just looking at a picture of a cookie makes you uncomfortable I would suggest re evaluating your relationship with food. 

I only SUPPORT healthy weight loss. I may not have the same view point as everyone, but I see beauty in all girls. Being obese, anorexic, bulimic, fit, skinny, thick, short, tall, I completely disagree with the media. I see someone suffering from anorexia to be simply stunning. These girls are strong no matter what situation they may be in, and I will always stand by what I say and MEAN it when I say “you ARE beautiful.” But I will under no circumstance promote or support any lifestyle that is unhealthy or harmful to the body. Your body is a treasure and a living picture of your life. Therefore treat it with respect. Your choice of weightloss is entirely your own, but please do not ask me to support anything I do not agree with. 

Thank you <3

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I’m back! So sorry for being off the past few days.

I’ve really needed some time to gather my thoughts, because lately this journey has been hard on me. Not that I don’t love the support from my tumblr family on here, but when it boils down to it, I’m doing this weight journey for me. So I decided to give myself a break from the weightloss blogging and focus on why I was eating so poorly the past week or so. 

What I noticed is a lack of motivation to really push myself. Now I love working out, but I also love to eat; and over the past few weeks I’ve noticed I am an emotional eater. Whether it be from boredom, anger, or sadness, I like to eat. I’ve been trying to just stop myself from doing this, but I cannot stop myself if I’m still feeling those mixed emotions. So I dug a little deeper.

It’s almost impossible for me to look at a picture of a gorgeous girl and not feel some pang of hurt because I know I don’t look like that, and the reason I “don’t look like that,” is because I’m not pushing myself far enough. It’s gotten to the point of endlessly wandering throughout my day wishing I could be this girl or have so and so’s body or what have you. 

Then I realize this is NOT what I want. THIS. Right here. This is the problem. This may sound foreign to some of you, but I DON’T want anyone elses body but my own. I want my scars, my flab, my fat, my rolls, my butt, my stockiness, my skin, my thighs, my calves, my paleness, my blue eyes, my blonde hair, my battle scars. Why? Because this body is mine. This body is the showcase of who I am and my life. And until I learn how to be gracious to my body and treat it right I would never want anyone elses body. 

Those girls who are skinny and tan and tall? They are absolutely stunning, no doubt. But me, being short, normal sized, thighs touching, and all my pale skin glory. I am stunning too. I will walk with a pride in my step because when it comes down to the end of the day I love my body. I love its quirks, and the quirks I don’t like (such as having a slow metabolism) I work through. 

I know my body can carry me through 2 mile runs and 6 hours of Jiu Jitsu training. My body has withstood sickness, and has kept me living healthy. The food I have given my body has helped full it to continue me on this journey. Yes, I am still trying to lose weight, and yes I want to be thinner. BUT. I have learned that no matter what happens I will carry my body with a sense of pride knowing every step of the way I will make my body better. 

I am happy in my body. Do I always feel pretty? Of course not. Do I feel fat some days? Absolutely. Will I stumble and fall? Yes. Will I let that keep me down? Never. This isn’t about impressing myself or anyone else anymore. This is about my life, and I’m going to start by reaching down under the surface at why I want this. I want to live as long as I possibly can and love it all the way. 

So with that. I am now back on Tumblr, and my weightloss blog will of course still stay in action (: Thank you to my beautiful followers for following me through this journey, and I will continue on this journey for the rest of my life.

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My speech for public speaking class. thought?

this is my introduction. tell me what you guys think !

We live in a society where technology is prominent, and media controls our everyday views. Whatever the media pushes into our culture is what people adapt to and consider normal. We look to the media for how to dress, what to listen to, what to watch, but most of all how to fit in. Everyone wants to be accepted, and everyone wants to make friends and feel apart of a group; but how we go about doing so is all up to the mass of society. This concept of fitting in is pushed so heavily on girls saying that the only way to be beautiful and to fit in is to be skinny. Walk through the mall, drive down the street, turn on the television, go to the theater, this idea of beauty can only fit into a size zero or only be found in a string bikini is everywhere; but this idea of beauty is such a lie and so deceiving. Feeling happy in your own skin is what beauty is, and some people are not made to be a size 0 or have a 23 inch waist. People are so obsessed with fitting in they take horrible measures of starving, making themselves puke, taking steroids, plastic surgery after plastic surgery, or they just give up and eat into morbid obesity. Being healthy and fit is what beauty is, whether you are naturally skinny, naturally big boned, or naturally muscular living a healthy lifestyle and embracing the body you have been given is so important, and I am going to show you today why this is so important and how to do so.

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Attractive girls are not always healthy, but healthy girls are always attractive.

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Since when did not eating become socially acceptable? This is just wrong.