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Juicing challenge day #1

and what a day it was >_> ….

For breakfast i juiced:

half a bag of baby carrots, 6 slices of pinnaple, an apple (green), some baby spinach, and some blueberries (AND IT WAS GOOD)

lunch i tried to do the “lean mean green machine”

-celery, cucumber, baby spinach, and 2 slices of pinnaple. The over whelming taste of plant was too much for me and i could only stomach half >_>

at 3 I gave myself a giant salad consisting of baby spinach, half a tomato, and (as a agreed upon “cheat” by camrie and i) i ate 4 oz of tuna (to keep protein up because i work out most days)

after an hour of jiu jitsu


2 oranges, 6 pinnaple slices, 4 regular carrots, a green apple, and some baby spinach. i chucgged the entire 4 cups of juice in, like, 30 seconds. SO GOOD.

WELP. day two starts tomorrow C:


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Boxing kicked my ass all over the place

throwing tires across the parking lot…. push ups. boxing. running running and more running. suicides with medicine balls. i look nasty, feel AMAZING, and i smell TERRIBAD. this workout tonight kicked me so hard. Im so ready to start this juicer competition tomorrow !

but for now. im going to go collapse on the couch and stuff my face with solid foods before tomorrow begins~


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I need to challenge myself.

So for the next 21 days (starting today) I am cutting out everything that is considering “junk food” 

(Not including christmas eve dinner and morning because come on, it’s christmas)

Why am I doing this? 

I’m tired of quitting after one fantastic week and ruining it with a bad week and going back and forth. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so I’m putting my damn foot down because I’m sick and tired of cutting myself down after every set back.

If anyone else wants to join in, then feel free(: 

anyone else sick of setting yourself back?

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2012 CHALLENGE ! For ALL of my followers !

The 2012 for 2012 challenge. 

This challenge is about running, walking, jogging, swimming, biking, crawling, limping, jumping 2012 miles for the year of 2012

log every mile you do ! 

You think you are game enough for this?

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Taking the october challenge (:


you dont weigh yourself the entire month of october, but use other means to track your weight ! 

ladies, truth is. the scale isnt everything. so far ive only lost a total of 7 lbs this entire year, but ive dropped from a size 13 pants to a size 8. pounds dont always mean everything. sure i would love to drop more pounds, and im working on that, but dont let it rule your progress. (:

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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day Three- A picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like about this person?

Julie Kitchen. Her body is just flawless. I don’t want to just be someone who is another skinny chick walking around in cute clothes blah blah blah. Julie Kitchen is also a world champion at Muay Thai (martial art) I want to show the world how strong a woman can be, even at my age. I want to be as fit as possible and not just lay around on the beach tanning in some stupid string bikini. 

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30 Day weight loss challenge ! alright lets go.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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okay now…i want my followers to make me WORK. put ‘abs’ in my ask and i’ll do 25 crunches, ‘legs’ and i’ll do 25 leg lifts, or ‘body’, and i’ll do 60 jumping jacks. <3