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Juicing challenge day #1

and what a day it was >_> ….

For breakfast i juiced:

half a bag of baby carrots, 6 slices of pinnaple, an apple (green), some baby spinach, and some blueberries (AND IT WAS GOOD)

lunch i tried to do the “lean mean green machine”

-celery, cucumber, baby spinach, and 2 slices of pinnaple. The over whelming taste of plant was too much for me and i could only stomach half >_>

at 3 I gave myself a giant salad consisting of baby spinach, half a tomato, and (as a agreed upon “cheat” by camrie and i) i ate 4 oz of tuna (to keep protein up because i work out most days)

after an hour of jiu jitsu


2 oranges, 6 pinnaple slices, 4 regular carrots, a green apple, and some baby spinach. i chucgged the entire 4 cups of juice in, like, 30 seconds. SO GOOD.

WELP. day two starts tomorrow C:


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Boxing kicked my ass all over the place

throwing tires across the parking lot…. push ups. boxing. running running and more running. suicides with medicine balls. i look nasty, feel AMAZING, and i smell TERRIBAD. this workout tonight kicked me so hard. Im so ready to start this juicer competition tomorrow !

but for now. im going to go collapse on the couch and stuff my face with solid foods before tomorrow begins~


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Back from boxingg.

Hi, my name is stacey and my arms dont work right.

I think im going to go lie down for the rest of the day. oh, wait. that’s right. i have a wedding to go to and shopping to do before that.

We didn’t have our normal trainer today (stephanie) so her husband (stewart) took over the class. and lemme tell you. holy shit. our workout :

1 min of each:

shadow boxing with weights


wall ball

10 mountain climbers/1 push up

bag jumps

and medicine ball jump squats


1 minute of each (2 times through [if one wasnt enough])

Front raises with weights

flutter kicks


kettle bell swings

bag sits


THEN after we did that we went to the bags for boxing. (for about 15 minutes?)

then after we did mit work we went straight into boxing cardio

which was:

hit each bag in a row 50 times (there were 4 in each row), then run allllll the way out in the parking lot, touch the fence, and run back

then 40 on each bag in a row, run, touch, come back





I walked outta that place like a mutha fudgin spartan.

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Dash is dead. Reblog/Like if you are a healthy weightloss blog C:

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Up and Down.

My weightloss and I go back and forth constantly. 

I lose the weight, gain it back, lose 5 pounds, gain back 6. It’s been like that since i started this journey. But you know what is changing? My attitude. And not only my attitude, but everytime I back track and get back in the game, I go a bit further everytime. 

For instance I couldn’t break 152 pounds last year no matter how hard i tried. But every time I went back into it I got a bit closer, and last december I hit 149.5. 

For me its 3 steps forward and two steps back with weightloss. But I learn more each and every time I step back. I get new tools to step forward that one step. 

I will get there one day, and I will keep it. 

So if you are in my boat and feel distraught or even disgusted with yourself- don’t give up. Whatever you do don’t. You will be able to do this, and maybe your progress photos don’t show many results; but they are STILL THERE.

Don’t back down now. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. I will be there right beside you. 

I’m going to get there. No matter what.

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Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t a matter of can or cannot. Losing weight and getting healthy is a matter of will or will not.

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It doesn’t matter if it is 1 lb or 10, 30 minutes of exercise or 3 hours. I am damn proud of all of you, and it is a privilege to be sharing this experience with all of you. So be damn proud of yourselves.

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How was everyone’s day?

any successes? Any good workouts? I’d love to know ! :D

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No treadmill? Roads don’t exist to be gawked at. No weights? Furniture. No machines? Gravity works wonders for crunches and push ups. No stair machine? Climb some real stairs, a tree, who cares just go UP. No money for healthy food? Then no money for poptarts. Coupon. Subway. Excuses? I can’t hear you. Harsh? You don’t see success by wishing. So get out and DO IT.

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I sure as HELL will NEVER sit at the end of my life and WONDER what it would have felt like to have reached my goals, my potential, my utmost fitness level, my strongest, my healthiest. I will sit at the end of my journey and be PROUD of my work. This is why I push so hard, train to mean, battle like I’m in a war; because I want to discover what I CAN become. I want to uncover what is waiting in store for me.

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Reblog and add the URL of your FAVORITE fitness blog (:


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I want to become a fitness MONSTER.