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Most intense workout in 3 months

And all im running off of is juice and tuna XD

we did the hardest circuits in boxing tonight in 103 degree weather. We also had a new trainer that is a FEMALE HOCKEY PLAYER. screw jillian michaels, this chick was just oh my god. I was about to die.

The circuit was:

25 kettle bell squats (15 lb each kettle)

125 mountain climbers

20 wall balls (10 lb medicine ball)

20 medium grip push ups (from knees)

20 V ups

100 skaters (thought i was dying at this point)

50 kettle bell swings (with 20 lb kettle bell)

Then 1 lap around the entire building complex


I was the only one who finished the entire thing (minus the last lap because it started lightening and we had to finish it inside) And the trainer personally said when i finished the circuit we would start boxing. So, she basically did the last 1 1/2 circuits with me. I almost threw up 3 or 4 times, and fought passing out all over the floor. But oh, god. when i swung that damn kettle bell for the last time. I was like. THIS. IS. MUTHA FUDGIN FITNESS. Sweat dripping, eyes stinging, legs shaking, I finished the last 20 minutes with intense boxing circuits and walked out of there a freaking champion.

And that, my friends, is why I do fitness.

2 days of juice down, 8 to go.



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Juicing challenge day #1

and what a day it was >_> ….

For breakfast i juiced:

half a bag of baby carrots, 6 slices of pinnaple, an apple (green), some baby spinach, and some blueberries (AND IT WAS GOOD)

lunch i tried to do the “lean mean green machine”

-celery, cucumber, baby spinach, and 2 slices of pinnaple. The over whelming taste of plant was too much for me and i could only stomach half >_>

at 3 I gave myself a giant salad consisting of baby spinach, half a tomato, and (as a agreed upon “cheat” by camrie and i) i ate 4 oz of tuna (to keep protein up because i work out most days)

after an hour of jiu jitsu


2 oranges, 6 pinnaple slices, 4 regular carrots, a green apple, and some baby spinach. i chucgged the entire 4 cups of juice in, like, 30 seconds. SO GOOD.

WELP. day two starts tomorrow C:


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Back from boxingg.

Hi, my name is stacey and my arms dont work right.

I think im going to go lie down for the rest of the day. oh, wait. that’s right. i have a wedding to go to and shopping to do before that.

We didn’t have our normal trainer today (stephanie) so her husband (stewart) took over the class. and lemme tell you. holy shit. our workout :

1 min of each:

shadow boxing with weights


wall ball

10 mountain climbers/1 push up

bag jumps

and medicine ball jump squats


1 minute of each (2 times through [if one wasnt enough])

Front raises with weights

flutter kicks


kettle bell swings

bag sits


THEN after we did that we went to the bags for boxing. (for about 15 minutes?)

then after we did mit work we went straight into boxing cardio

which was:

hit each bag in a row 50 times (there were 4 in each row), then run allllll the way out in the parking lot, touch the fence, and run back

then 40 on each bag in a row, run, touch, come back





I walked outta that place like a mutha fudgin spartan.

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holy crap 9 new followers

good morning lovely ladies (and handsome gentlemen C: ) 

thank you for following my blog ! here you will find many adventures of weightloss, fitness, and learning to love your own body JUST the way it is ! 

its almost 8 am, and i have a final to run and take, but i hope all of you have an AWESOME day. 


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Who’s down two pounds?

this one, right here C: 

back to 155. lehhgo. 

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Dash is dead. Reblog/Like if you are a healthy weightloss blog C:

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So! As you all know this is my weightloss/fitspo blog for myself that I have had for almost a year, and as you all know(or don’t know) I’ve been away for awhile due to school, stress, getting sad frequently, and just straying away from this lifestyle. I have not backtracked too far, but I have backtracked some. BUT this is about to change through a very big change.

My best friend and I both want to lose weight, and we both do boxing together as well as handle stress in awful ways that transform into depression, eating, etc. And we both have tried it on our own to lose weight, but have had little success.

WELL. I have been talking to her, and she wants to start a weightloss blog. I told her about my current one (this one) and we have decided to adapt this blog as now OUR blog.

I will be on regularly, but she will begin posting and reblogging some and signing her name so you know which one is on the blog currently C:

We have also adapted this into a challenge considering both of us are EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE.

Whoever can lose the most body fat percentage (we will calculate this on a weekly basis) will win for that week. we dont know what or for how long of a period, but we want to lose around the same weight as well C:

So, I hope this will be a good experience for all my followers as well as us C:

She will be “moving in” soon, and i hope this will be the motivation and inspiration to kick our butts as well as your butts into shape C:

So it begins..

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Something I have gathered from my time away from tumblr.

I compare myself to other people. Whether I pose as being “healthy” or “weight loss blog” or “fitspo” those images of girls I wish I could be are everywhere.

I want to be my own motivation. I don’t want to sit on tumblr all day and reblog pictures of pretty girls who in reality hurt me more than help. It is fine to admire people, but for me I use them as a self confidence obstacle. I want to look at my body and my body alone and measure what I have done and what I can do.

I have learned many things about myself, and I want to be the one that I look up to for body image. Not in a conceited way, but for once be proud of myself. Not ashamed.

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Imagine if society’s ideal of beauty was flipped 180 degrees. What if being skinny was seen as repulsive. Would you still strive for it?

Remember why you are doing this. Losing weight shouldn’t be for an image. It should be for you and your own health.

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Harsh truths.

Being tired and hurting is not the same thing as injury. You are exhausted? Good. it isn’t SUPPOSED to feel good. I love a workout that leaves me in shambles, because it shows me my mental state. You find out how you really are when you are so tired you are limping. What thoughts run through your head. Are you making excuses for why you are tired? Or are you sucking it up?

I don’t care if you were good yesterday. Be better today.

And honey, let me tell you something. I also had to learn this the hard way. I understand that some people have genetic problems that hinder them form losing weight, or makes them gain weight faster, or slows down their metabolism etc. You aren’t the exception to the “i cannot get fit and lose weight.” You can. I don’t give a rats behind about your genetics and crap. It means you yourself need to put in more effort. Now, that doesn’t mean everyone can be a size 0 if they theoretically put in “enough effort.” But that does mean that you can put in enough effort that it takes to be the healthiest version of yourself. That may be a size 6 for some, a 2 for others, and a 10 for some. But genetics cannot be your excuse to hold you back. That’s bs.

May this offend some? Absolutely, but that doesn’t faze me. I am standing up for something I strongly believe in. So, if I make enemies because of this, then that is your call.

My mental state is not in a good state myself. I am a PRO at making excuses. But I finally recognize that. This isn’t about binging, purging, starving, losing weight, or eating. This is about gaining my life back, and sucking it up. I’m tired of hearing myself make excuses, and you should be sick of yourself making excuses as well.

You can be mentally broken, depressed, “fat,” upset, angry, tired, lost, or whatever it is you may feel; but you can also be happy, “skinny,” healthy, found, and pieced together. You control your mind. Your mind is the one thing people can never touch. Can they effect your mind? Sure, if you let them. Obviously this is easier said than done considering I have done a pretty poopy job of not letting people get inside my head. Hell, I get inside my own head. But the one thing I am just done with is making excuses. I would rather accept a failure than make an excuse for it.

I hope you can too.

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Dash is DEAD. reblog if you are a fitness/weightloss/healthy/fitblr/fitspo

i dont care ! as long as you promote a healthy life style ! pleasee and thank you ! :D

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My binging problem and solutions!

So, what I have seen a lot from people trying to lose weight is the dreaded “binging problem.” This can be anywhere from snacking constantly all day, or eating a huge half a pizza in one sitting. Well, it’s time to get deep and personal with my own problem and how I came about to make it happen less often and not as horrific. 

First, before we go into this, you can’t avoid binges forever; but you can, however, avoid having them as often. Now I am no professional, but I have had my fair share of binges, and this is how I avoid having them so often anymore (:

The problems.

1. Problem: You are depriving yourself. 

I find when I get so absorbed into losing weight I completely go cold turkey. I skip every piece of junk food and sweet and go straight into the celery and carrots. I can go for about a week until the cravings get so bad I just cant help but stuff my face. 

Solution: Start by weaning yourself off of the bad foods instead of just all of a sudden cutting them out. And even after you have weaned down still treat yourself every now and again ! I like to add in a bit of extra dressing to my salad every now and again, or use those extra few calories on a scoop of icecream. Think about it - by going over a few hundred calories every now and again (like 300 calories of icecream) is MUCH more efficient then going 2,000 calories over when you cant take the cravings any longer.

2. Problem: Emotional Eater

Need I say more? I eat when I’m stressed, and oh buddy does it get intense 

Solution: Exercise ! Now, I know it may sound cliche but I kid you not. Exercise makes you happy ! And after I workout every time I don’t feel super hungry. Also, if you MUST HAVE THAT SWEETNESS INSIDE OF YOU. Try looking up a healthy recipe alternative to whatever you are wanting. For instance, a big fruit smoothie vs a huge bowl of ice cream. Just sit back and think of alternatives (:

3. Problem: Boredom. 

Oh God. This one I think hits me the most. you just sit back and snack all freakin day long without even noticing… 

Solution: Count out 1 serving of whatever you want, put it in a zip lock bag, and limit yourself to ONLY that baggy. Either that or leave a sticky note on the fridge. Also, what helps me is when I’m bored and want to snack, I eat in front of either a mirror; or I eat slowly and consciously of everything I am putting in my mouth

4. Problem : Cravings.

Oh no. The dreaded cravings. Whether it be period cravings or normal cravings. I feel like I always lose to this one ._. 

Solution: Write yourself a note. I did this last time I binged and felt like utter crap. I wrote it to “future me,” and wrote down all the negative emotions I was feeling at that time. Whenever I feel a craving coming on I pick up that note and remind myself not to go over board. I can still eat whatever I’m craving, but in moderation. 

Other Solutions for any random Binge: 

Don’t buy the bad junk food! Rid your house of the super bad junk food, or limit what junk food you buy! Never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry, and write down what you want to buy BEFORE getting there so you don’t go over that list! 


If you are hungry- EAT! 

Drink a butt ton of water. Trust me, it works. 

Calorie count the junk food before you eat it.

I hope this can be useful for anyone who has a binging problem like myself! It’s super hard to break, and I still have problems with it; but it is slowly and surely getting better each and every day! 

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Up and Down.

My weightloss and I go back and forth constantly. 

I lose the weight, gain it back, lose 5 pounds, gain back 6. It’s been like that since i started this journey. But you know what is changing? My attitude. And not only my attitude, but everytime I back track and get back in the game, I go a bit further everytime. 

For instance I couldn’t break 152 pounds last year no matter how hard i tried. But every time I went back into it I got a bit closer, and last december I hit 149.5. 

For me its 3 steps forward and two steps back with weightloss. But I learn more each and every time I step back. I get new tools to step forward that one step. 

I will get there one day, and I will keep it. 

So if you are in my boat and feel distraught or even disgusted with yourself- don’t give up. Whatever you do don’t. You will be able to do this, and maybe your progress photos don’t show many results; but they are STILL THERE.

Don’t back down now. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. I will be there right beside you. 

I’m going to get there. No matter what.