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Boxing kicked my ass all over the place

throwing tires across the parking lot…. push ups. boxing. running running and more running. suicides with medicine balls. i look nasty, feel AMAZING, and i smell TERRIBAD. this workout tonight kicked me so hard. Im so ready to start this juicer competition tomorrow !

but for now. im going to go collapse on the couch and stuff my face with solid foods before tomorrow begins~


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Dash is dead. Reblog/Like if you are a healthy weightloss blog C:

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Good morning!

Can barely walk down stairs. XD This is unbelievable how sore I am. Clearly these people know what they are doing. Heading back to boxing on monday (:

ALSO, woke up and had me a big bowl of oatmeal, a few ritz crackers, and 1 tsp of nutella :P

how is everyone elses morning?

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Dash is DEAD. reblog if you are a fitness/weightloss/healthy/fitblr/fitspo

i dont care ! as long as you promote a healthy life style ! pleasee and thank you ! :D

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My binging problem and solutions!

So, what I have seen a lot from people trying to lose weight is the dreaded “binging problem.” This can be anywhere from snacking constantly all day, or eating a huge half a pizza in one sitting. Well, it’s time to get deep and personal with my own problem and how I came about to make it happen less often and not as horrific. 

First, before we go into this, you can’t avoid binges forever; but you can, however, avoid having them as often. Now I am no professional, but I have had my fair share of binges, and this is how I avoid having them so often anymore (:

The problems.

1. Problem: You are depriving yourself. 

I find when I get so absorbed into losing weight I completely go cold turkey. I skip every piece of junk food and sweet and go straight into the celery and carrots. I can go for about a week until the cravings get so bad I just cant help but stuff my face. 

Solution: Start by weaning yourself off of the bad foods instead of just all of a sudden cutting them out. And even after you have weaned down still treat yourself every now and again ! I like to add in a bit of extra dressing to my salad every now and again, or use those extra few calories on a scoop of icecream. Think about it - by going over a few hundred calories every now and again (like 300 calories of icecream) is MUCH more efficient then going 2,000 calories over when you cant take the cravings any longer.

2. Problem: Emotional Eater

Need I say more? I eat when I’m stressed, and oh buddy does it get intense 

Solution: Exercise ! Now, I know it may sound cliche but I kid you not. Exercise makes you happy ! And after I workout every time I don’t feel super hungry. Also, if you MUST HAVE THAT SWEETNESS INSIDE OF YOU. Try looking up a healthy recipe alternative to whatever you are wanting. For instance, a big fruit smoothie vs a huge bowl of ice cream. Just sit back and think of alternatives (:

3. Problem: Boredom. 

Oh God. This one I think hits me the most. you just sit back and snack all freakin day long without even noticing… 

Solution: Count out 1 serving of whatever you want, put it in a zip lock bag, and limit yourself to ONLY that baggy. Either that or leave a sticky note on the fridge. Also, what helps me is when I’m bored and want to snack, I eat in front of either a mirror; or I eat slowly and consciously of everything I am putting in my mouth

4. Problem : Cravings.

Oh no. The dreaded cravings. Whether it be period cravings or normal cravings. I feel like I always lose to this one ._. 

Solution: Write yourself a note. I did this last time I binged and felt like utter crap. I wrote it to “future me,” and wrote down all the negative emotions I was feeling at that time. Whenever I feel a craving coming on I pick up that note and remind myself not to go over board. I can still eat whatever I’m craving, but in moderation. 

Other Solutions for any random Binge: 

Don’t buy the bad junk food! Rid your house of the super bad junk food, or limit what junk food you buy! Never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry, and write down what you want to buy BEFORE getting there so you don’t go over that list! 


If you are hungry- EAT! 

Drink a butt ton of water. Trust me, it works. 

Calorie count the junk food before you eat it.

I hope this can be useful for anyone who has a binging problem like myself! It’s super hard to break, and I still have problems with it; but it is slowly and surely getting better each and every day! 

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Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t a matter of can or cannot. Losing weight and getting healthy is a matter of will or will not.

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21 Day food challenge.

My friend told me this super interesting food plan she did a while back and I thought I’d share it with you (:

basically you cannot eat anything you cannot either 1. pronounce 1 or more of the ingredients of or 2. do not know what 1 or more of the ingredients are.

Simple right?

My friend said it opened her eyes to what she was actually putting into her body and she said after she did this for a few weeks she felt ah-mazing. 

Not to mention she was 15 when she did this, so it’s not a cautious diet. 

Make sure you get your recommended calories, and DO ITTTTTT. 

I’m trying it as long as I can :D

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To inspire my little experiment… Help? ^^

What is your favorite vegetarian meal or snack? 

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Going from being in a miserable place and addicted to food to being in a miserable place and being addicted to the scale is not any better than the latter.

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Something to throw out there.

I reblog all types of girls and body types.

Fit girls, naturally skinny girls, toned girls, hipster girls, scene girls, tan girls, pale girls, girls with long braided hair, girls who suffered from breast cancer, girls who recovered from EDNOS, girls who are still losing weight, girls with abs, flat tummies, pudgy tummies, round butts, no butts, thigh gaps, thighs touching, before and afters, girls who are happy, girls who are sad. 

Why is my blog not honed in on one type? Simple.

All of these girls define beauty. 

I support healthy and fit girls for a lifestyle which is why i do not reblog girls with an EDNOS because it is triggering and hurtful (and triggering to some), but what you do with your lifestyle is entirely up to your liking. I only support a healthy and positive body image, but healthy is the only sexy just doesn’t cut it for me. Yes, healthy is sexy, but I feel sometimes we weightloss-bloggers and fitspo-gals get so caught up in our own journeys we forget to branch out and take note of the beauty in every single one of us. 

It fills me with hurt when I see those picture with an anorexic girl on one side and a plus size model on the other or a fit gym women saying “wouldnt you rather be fit and curvy? the other side is disgusting.” That girl on the other side with her bones sticking out is hurting. Her battle is clearly shown on her body because of the mental view point she has on her own body from the media today or maybe her own subconscious. 

Be careful on how you promote any lifestyle you choose. Healthy is what I support, yes; but don’t ever put down or discard the broken girls who are struggling to see themselves in a positive light. How can they when both sides of the spectrum frown down upon them? Not being skinny enough or being mocked for not being healthy? That can do cruel and awful things to someone’s well being. 

We have come to far from what we were, but don’t forget about that place you originally came from. Don’t forget about the help you looked for in others. Don’t forget about the beauty in every eye or the battle worn by every girl’s body.

Please don’t forget. Please remember to see the beauty. <3

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Just eat the damn poptart.

I mean, even if it IS just a craving it IS only one “poptart.” It’s not a binge, not going to kill you, not going to make you fat, so just enjoy one pastry, cookie, brownie, or whatever and stop worrying about it all the time. 

If it bothers you THAT BAD simply do an extra mile walk everyday until the dreaded 400 calories have been obliterated from your body. I know I preach about not giving into cravings, but sometimes giving into a small craving can prevent you from binging later on. 

Like yesterday I was craving chocolate like no body’s business. So I ate like… 3 of those 90 calorie brownies. Yes that is almost 300 calories, but it saved me from torturing myself all freaking day long which would have just led to a binge later that night anyway. 

So moral of the story is. Listen to your body. Don’t torture yourself by not eating or binging. Settle the cravings in moderation. It IS okay to stray away from the lettuce and tea every now and again.

So take a deep breathe and enjoy the brownie. ^^

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Tip of the day:

When heading out to the grocery store make sure you never go to the store hungry. This can cause you to buy waaaay more food than you intended on buying, and on top of that food that will settle your cravings not your health needs. 

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How was everyone’s day?

any successes? Any good workouts? I’d love to know ! :D

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Let’s take a trip down chill out lane shall we?


I mean think of this LOGICALLY 20 oz of chips DOES NOT EQUAL 40 oz of FAT

even if you binge you arent going to gain 3 lbs from eating 1 lb of food. PLUS. That is what POOPING is for. 

Your body doesn’t go “Oh boy ! Cake! let’s put that right to her ass!” no no no. your body does what it needs to do and pushes that un wanted food for you to poop~ yes, a bit might stay and make you gain like… a fraction of a pound, but it won’t make you FAIL. 

Let’s just take a deep breath. Being healthy doesn’t mean living off of celery. Heck, I just had a banana peanut butter smoothie and i feel fabulous~ 

Losing weight takes time as does gaining weight. One day of binging won’t kill you. breathe darling, breathe. tomorrow is a new day. right now is a new hour.