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Something I have gathered from my time away from tumblr.

I compare myself to other people. Whether I pose as being “healthy” or “weight loss blog” or “fitspo” those images of girls I wish I could be are everywhere.

I want to be my own motivation. I don’t want to sit on tumblr all day and reblog pictures of pretty girls who in reality hurt me more than help. It is fine to admire people, but for me I use them as a self confidence obstacle. I want to look at my body and my body alone and measure what I have done and what I can do.

I have learned many things about myself, and I want to be the one that I look up to for body image. Not in a conceited way, but for once be proud of myself. Not ashamed.

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Charlotte, 26. 

I love seeing my body changing with each picture that’s taken. The way I feel after a crazy intense workout session is second to none! I love the feeling of exhausting my muscles! I’m just pretty much addicted to it all the way around!”

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Featured Fighter - Julie Kitchen

Julie Kitchen is not only the mother of two daughters she is also the No. 1 ranked womens Muay Thai champion of the world. Nick named “The Queen of Muay Thai” Julie Kitchen holds 13 world titles. Her current professional record is 44 wins 8 losses.

Julie is an ambassador for the sport and inspiration to women and men of all ages world wide.

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a lesson i need to learn