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Alright guys. Jiu Jitsu seminar saturday. Time to really hit the workout tonight.

Im driving my foot into this workout. lets goo. 

hows your workouts going?

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Happy Thoughts (:

So I get home from school, make myself a smoothie. Nothing out of the ordinary. I go and change clothes, but as make my way to the bathroom to dig around looking for my sports bra i look in the mirror and i say to myself.

YOU. my friend. are going to be hot as hell once im through with you.

it sounds silly, but i could feel myself getting pumped! 

now please excuse me while i go kick this workouts butt.

oh and while im at it.

binge free days: THREE OW OWWWW~~! 

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How much water is enough?

Now if your like me, I have eating to a science. 

I can have this many calories, this much fat blah blah blah. Its the ONLY way to keep me on track. So, how many ounces of water do you need a day? 

Simple Formula for the best results. 

(Weight [in lbs] ) divided by (2) = (ounces you should drink per day)

so for me:

(152lbs) / (2) = 76 oz (which is about 5 water bottles per day)

hope this helps (:

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I was told today i will never be skinny.

I’m not even sure how to react. I just want to prove them wrong. This has never hurt so much.

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This is my diet plan starting tomorrow !

Me and my mom put together our own diet combining food from the medifast diet. Here is what we came up with (our options for each meal/snack) we eat every 2-3 hours and calories for each snack is 90-150 depending on what you choose. Also drinking 75oz of water every day with exercise. 

Wish us luck ! (:


-       1 package oatmeal

-       pancake medifast mix

-       1 medifast bar

-       2 eggs (scambled or deviled)

-       Fruit

-       Yogurt (with flaxseed)


-       bar

-       cheese puffs

-       90 cal brownie

-       pudding

-       fruit

-       yogurt

-       veggie

-       cheese

-       wheat thins (gluten free)


-       lean cuisine

-       salad (2 cups of lettuce) with mixed veggies

-       sandwich on brown bread (gluten free)

-       fruit with salad (1cup)

-       baked potato

-       rice and veggies (brown rice)

-       burrito


-       same as above


-       same as lunch


-       hot tea

-       water

-       unsweetened ice tea

-       flavor packs


-       white sugar

-       brown sugar

-       corn sugar

-       corn syrup

-       soda

-       sugar substitutes


5 bottles of water per day

can have 1 veggie v8 per day

can have 1 sugar or other snack not listed twice per week (1 serving)

( i would start today, but i have a party tonight so there is no point in making myself skip out on all the yummy food :P )

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50 foods under 100 calories: From Eating Light Vol 20, No 1 

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Reblog if you are a HEALTHY weight loss blog.

I need more healthy weight loss blogs on my dash. 

i want to follow every one of you! (:

the quirks of being a girl.

every girl knows that time of the month. you know, where you eat everything in sight? well here are some tips that help me personally get through this week of craving and stay on track (: 

  • its okay to eat a little bit of sugar. dont deprive yourself!
  • drizzle little bits of honey on your fruit, a sweet treat and not all that bad for you
  • put what your going to eat into plastic bags and label them “breakfast” “lunch” “dinner” “snacks” and put what you want to eat early in the morning or right before you go to bed that night. so you wont go outside of those boundaries the next day.
  • i know it hurts ladies, but dont quit exercising ! dont get lazy push through ! youll be glad you did. and if you can work out when your in cramps you can do ANYTHING. 
  • eat frozen fruit. i like frozen watermelon it tastes and has the same texture as icecream to me. its amazing <3 
  • and most importantly if you overeat one day so what? do better the next day. the next meal. put your foot down RIGHT NOW.

i hope this helps any girl who is trying to lose weight or get healthy like me (: i wish you the best of luck ! <3 

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  • breakfast (wheat thins and fiber bar roughly 200 cal)
  • lunch (chicken salad, wheat thins, 40 cal of yogurt, and fruit snack roughly 400 cal)
  • dinner (2 apples, some cake :D (only one piece), and a handful of pringles (400 cal)
  • snacks (roughly 200)
  • Total: around 1000 - 1200


  • one hour of karate
  • one hour of jiu jitsu
  • 25 extra push ups
  • 50 extra crunches
  • jogged 6 miles on level 8 resistance elliptical machine 
  • Total Burned: i dont even know. maybe 1500? 

didnt have a totally good eating day today (my second worst this week) but exercise was amazing tonight. 

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I have gone from a size 13 in pants jan, to a size 8 american eagle. and they are a bit big for me.

this is the first time i have literally cried from being happy with trying on pants.

i never thought this was possible.

now im shooting to go smaller thanks to the people on here <3 

thank you guys. for giving me inspiration and motivation <333

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Motivation is when your too tired to run a mile, so instead you run two.

Reblog if you hate your inner thighs.