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Back from boxingg.

Hi, my name is stacey and my arms dont work right.

I think im going to go lie down for the rest of the day. oh, wait. that’s right. i have a wedding to go to and shopping to do before that.

We didn’t have our normal trainer today (stephanie) so her husband (stewart) took over the class. and lemme tell you. holy shit. our workout :

1 min of each:

shadow boxing with weights


wall ball

10 mountain climbers/1 push up

bag jumps

and medicine ball jump squats


1 minute of each (2 times through [if one wasnt enough])

Front raises with weights

flutter kicks


kettle bell swings

bag sits


THEN after we did that we went to the bags for boxing. (for about 15 minutes?)

then after we did mit work we went straight into boxing cardio

which was:

hit each bag in a row 50 times (there were 4 in each row), then run allllll the way out in the parking lot, touch the fence, and run back

then 40 on each bag in a row, run, touch, come back





I walked outta that place like a mutha fudgin spartan.

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Motivation vs. Mind Round Two

  • Mind: Binging is easy.
  • Motivation: Guilt is hard.
  • Mind: Starving feels better than eating.
  • Motivation: Being weak feels worse than being strong.
  • Mind: But Starving gets results faster.
  • Motivation: Being healthy keeps results for life.
  • Mind: Being fat sucks.
  • Motivation: Stop whining and DO something about it. You can change. It is never out of your grasp.
  • Mind: I'm ugly.
  • Motivation: You are beautiful. You are a rock. Your body is at your control. not the other way around.
  • Mind: Gaining weight takes no time at all.
  • Motivation: false. Gaining weight takes just as long as losing weight. It's just how hard you work for it.
  • Mind: Staying on track is hard.
  • Motivation: Falling off track is harder.
  • Mind: I can't do it.
  • Motivation: Yes, yes you can.
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I need some help.

Lately I have been losing motivation to work out and try as hard. School is just so stressful and I really don’t have a lot of time to myself, and when I do have free time I am so exhausted all I want to do is literally sleep or read a book. 

Would it be bothersome to ask you guys to maybe leave some words of motivation in my ask for me? 

It has been a rough new years start as far as school goes, and I’m trying my best to stay positive (which I have so far! :3) , but i just need a push to go workout and make time to take care of my body.

I need to go to bed now, but please. if anyone happens to read this i really need the encouragement. 

Stay strong lovelies <3 you all are beautiful and can do this (:

goodnight all!

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Well I needed some motivation, so I gave myself some. I kicked my butt outside in 39 degree weather with shorts and a t-shirt and told myself “You want to get warm? Run.”

So here I am. On my elliptical machine on my porch with my laptop. Running. 

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watching the biggest loser

this is such a wake up call. all of these amazing individuals changing their life. no more excuses. if i want to see the scale say 148 by the end of this year, i have to work myself and push myself passed my limitations I PERSONALLY set for myself. 

this isnt about letting a number define me. this is about a number reflecting how much effort i put into this, and how much i truly care for my health. 

im so ready.

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I told myself tonight that before I went to bed I was going to get my butt on that elliptical and do 6 miles. No excuses. No matter if it took me 5 hours I was going to do it. 

But even from the start I had that voice in the back of my head nagging. “Im tired.” “My legs hurt.” “You can’t do this.” “You already did 2, thats good enough.” “Just add in the extra tomorrow.” “You can’t do this.”

And you know what? That voice was right. I couldn’t do it. 

I did not run 6 miles tonight.

Because tonight. I ran 7 miles instead.

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Do this~! I want to come back to messages!

http://distortedl00ks.tumblr.com/ask   !!!

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Reblog if you’re proud of your progress. Whether it’s 1lb or 100lbs


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Oh no :( help anyone?

guys i need help . im losing my motivation to lose weight. i REALLY dont want to gain any weight or go back to what i was. but sometimes i just dont feel strong enough to continue. does anyone know how to get motivated again?