Most intense workout in 3 months

And all im running off of is juice and tuna XD

we did the hardest circuits in boxing tonight in 103 degree weather. We also had a new trainer that is a FEMALE HOCKEY PLAYER. screw jillian michaels, this chick was just oh my god. I was about to die.

The circuit was:

25 kettle bell squats (15 lb each kettle)

125 mountain climbers

20 wall balls (10 lb medicine ball)

20 medium grip push ups (from knees)

20 V ups

100 skaters (thought i was dying at this point)

50 kettle bell swings (with 20 lb kettle bell)

Then 1 lap around the entire building complex


I was the only one who finished the entire thing (minus the last lap because it started lightening and we had to finish it inside) And the trainer personally said when i finished the circuit we would start boxing. So, she basically did the last 1 1/2 circuits with me. I almost threw up 3 or 4 times, and fought passing out all over the floor. But oh, god. when i swung that damn kettle bell for the last time. I was like. THIS. IS. MUTHA FUDGIN FITNESS. Sweat dripping, eyes stinging, legs shaking, I finished the last 20 minutes with intense boxing circuits and walked out of there a freaking champion.

And that, my friends, is why I do fitness.

2 days of juice down, 8 to go.



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2012 CHALLENGE ! For ALL of my followers !

The 2012 for 2012 challenge. 

This challenge is about running, walking, jogging, swimming, biking, crawling, limping, jumping 2012 miles for the year of 2012

log every mile you do ! 

You think you are game enough for this?

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This body you are in is temporary. Whether you are at your UGW or your highest weight, you have to work every single day to either keep what you earned or earn what you want. Don’t be upset by the girls who have already succeeded in their goals, because they have to work as hard as you do every single day to maintain those goals. Chin up beautiful, and never stop striving. You will get there. I promise.

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Workout for today. Me vs. the cycling machine

Cycling round one: 20.01 miles - 68:17 minutes 

water break

Cycling round two: 11 miles - 40:31 minutes 

total: 31 miles

water break

10 minutes stretching

50 crunches

10 pushups 

Sitting leg curls - 100lbs 7 reps

Cool down: .4 miles treadmill - 4:53 minutes

My back hurts so bad, but I am darn proud of myself today. I pretty much have nothing left in the tank as of right now XD. Time for some well deserved lunch. 

So, some of you wonder how in the world I run on an elliptical for 11 miles + without stopping and losing focus. 

weeeelll~ it’s quite embarrassing, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before; but I either watch the Biggest Loser, Naruto, or One Piece while on the elliptical . 

People hate on anime a lot, but for serious running while watching this:

makes me want to run until my legs fall off (: 

and the fact that I fangirl. You know. excitement. I could go all night.

So yeah. that’s my secret. Using the fangirling energy into running. Stupid? maybe. but it works (:

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If you are a fitblr, you will understand.

When your working out in the gym like

And you’re about to go on the treadmill when this bitch in hardly any clothes comes in like

and steal your favorite treadmill. At first you’re like

but then your like

And then they stand on the treadmill for 5 minutes trying to work it 

Then they start it to a creeping walk and start to flirt with the guy next to them

So you sit on another machine waiting for them to get off the treadmill and then they finally do and you’re like

Dear body,

I know I’m not always nice to you. As a matter of fact, I’m rarely nice to you. I feed you bad things and then get angry at you for not forming to what I want you to look like. I want to rip through your skin to make my mind feel at peace, stuff you with chocolate to make my misery cease, or even purge to make me feel less guilty. I curse your battle scars, stretch marks, rolls, baggy skin, birth marks, cuts and bruises. I’m writing this to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the pain I put you through to make my idea of comfort fit my mindset. Honestly, I’m not sure my mindset will ever be filled; but regardless you get me where I need to be. You rub when I run, but you always get me there; and even that extra mile. You are there to show how far I’ve come, and how much of a fight I have left in me. You show my struggles, my victories, my losses, my breakthroughs. You may not be able to squeeze in the size 2, but you can boldly wear those size 8s, and I never even stopped to see how hard you worked to get there. I am so focused on what I want you to be for me, I forget what you are right now. An artwork, a visual of who I am. You sit there and wonder why I go through fits of depression, wanting to rip the fat right from underneath my skin. You probably ask me why I want to hurt you so much when you have been there with me the entire way showing me I can do it. Lack of sleep you run, sickness you run, health you run, weakness you run. So thank you. Thank you for being proud of me when I was so ashamed of you. When I hid you in a sweatshirt and sweatpants you so boldly stood underneath, waiting for me to one day be proud. I am so sorry. Please. Please forgive me. I want to carry you with pride, passion, and my head held high. I want to treat you with respect. This is my ode to my body. My vessel of beauty. My art of my life. My journey. 

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That amazing moment when you are running through the pain, and suddenly the pain starts to fade. Now you feel you could run forever.

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Hurr Durr.

While i was running for freaking ever i could feel my legs rubbing together >_> usually im very self conscious about this and want to quit running. but today i let those suckers jiggle with all the pride i could muster in my being. my legs get me running and going whenever i need to go. I need to start taking pride in them (: 

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Week Achievements.

This week has been one of the best weeks of my entire year weight loss wise. So I decided to make a list of WHY it was so amazing <3

  • went from running a 9:06 mile to a 8:34 mile
  • Lost a total of 5 lbs this week
  • able to fit into old skinny jeans
  • found dinosaur oatmeal in the store
  • finally had my starbucks pumpkin spiced latte today 
  • broke through my plateau 
  • found awesome new fitblr/fitspo blogs to follow
  • decided to change my attitude 
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New PR! (:

1 mile - 8:34 (: 

I shaved off….. 23 seconds from my last pr which was i think 2 days ago? 

WOW. amazing what the body can do if you simply tell yourself “I CAN.”

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REBLOG if you are a healthy weight loss blog. guy or girl ! (: dash is dead.

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okay so, confession time. My entire life I’ve been extremely self conscious about my legs. I’ve always HATED them. I found them too big and too gross. Well, this time I’m changing that. I’ve lost a lot of fat in my legs, and have dropped a few pant sizes. So this photo set is in honor of my progress. I’ve been running a lot lately, and for once, I’m damn proud of my legs. 

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Something I noticed while running today.

My chest was burning, my lungs caving in, my legs cramping, my feet on fire, my face sweating, my hair everywhere, my calves cramping. Amidst all of that “i cant i cant i cant.” I noticed the un mistakable feeling, that i loved EVERY second of it. And after i finished? I wanted to go again. I wanted to push myself more. To feel myself getting stronger.

Am I crazy? Maybe, but I’m a runner.