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My speech for public speaking class. thought?

this is my introduction. tell me what you guys think !

We live in a society where technology is prominent, and media controls our everyday views. Whatever the media pushes into our culture is what people adapt to and consider normal. We look to the media for how to dress, what to listen to, what to watch, but most of all how to fit in. Everyone wants to be accepted, and everyone wants to make friends and feel apart of a group; but how we go about doing so is all up to the mass of society. This concept of fitting in is pushed so heavily on girls saying that the only way to be beautiful and to fit in is to be skinny. Walk through the mall, drive down the street, turn on the television, go to the theater, this idea of beauty can only fit into a size zero or only be found in a string bikini is everywhere; but this idea of beauty is such a lie and so deceiving. Feeling happy in your own skin is what beauty is, and some people are not made to be a size 0 or have a 23 inch waist. People are so obsessed with fitting in they take horrible measures of starving, making themselves puke, taking steroids, plastic surgery after plastic surgery, or they just give up and eat into morbid obesity. Being healthy and fit is what beauty is, whether you are naturally skinny, naturally big boned, or naturally muscular living a healthy lifestyle and embracing the body you have been given is so important, and I am going to show you today why this is so important and how to do so.