3 years ago on 6 October 2011 @ 10:08pm

You know what.

Im proud of not being a size 0. I am proud of my body just the way it is. Sure i want to be thinner, I think every girl does; but that doesnt mean i will sit here and sulk about how i look when in reality im not fat. Im normal, Im not skinny. So what? If i was super skinny I wouldnt be able to compete in martial arts so intensely as i do because i wouldnt have the strength to rival the many guys i compete against. Im proud i can leg press at least 170 pounds and do man push ups. Im proud of being strong. Now dont mistake me here, I am not trying to sound cocky, because i am in no way super duper strong or macho or what have it. But I thank God for giving me a functioning body that I can do the many things i love to do. 

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I know I did this the other day but I didn’t get too many answers. MY DASH IS DEAD!! I need some new people to follow.