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This needs to be said.

When I reach my ugw, my esteemed confidence level, or even lose another 15-20 lbs, I will not change the way I act or dress really. I understand that people think that “clothes only look good on skinny” (which btw i disagree with), but I just don’t feel the need to show off what i earned in such a immodest way. What you wear is whatever you want, but clearly I don’t see a respectable woman who has her boobs hanging out and her butt flopping over her shorts. I want girls to see me as a role model when I go out in public. Someone they can be like “I want to be like her because she loves her body with a respect and still can get attention from guys.” not “Omg why cant I look like her i hate my body.” And even if I do get attention from guys, I don’t want the attention simply because I look “hot,” but because I am a likable person. Why do I want to be some guys object of a sex fantasy? 

I just don’t want to put down the people in this world who are struggling through the same thing I am going through when I see a girl who is dressed like she is ready for sex. I don’t want people to feel like they have to look like everyone else to feel pretty. I’m not going to suddenly be different because I am smaller. I will be who I have always been, and dress the way I always have. 

I just don’t understand why skinny = immodest all of a sudden. But I’ll live in my old fashioned ways. I’m content with my body in modest clothing. I have boobs. Everyone clearly knows I have boobs without them hanging out of my shirt. Thanks. 

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Anyone else reaching their UGW this year? I sure as hell am.

and it will be by hard work, dedication, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and my stubbornness to live a healthy life no matter what.


To me, quite honestly, I’m not really understanding all of the hate from some of these blogs and anons.

"I don’t understand why you say you are a fitness blog but want a thigh gap" 

"Why do you reblog pictures of a cookie every now and then, that is TRIGGERING"

"I don’t get why you don’t support ANY kind of weightloss."

So to just hit on a few, simply because I have a fitness blog does not mean I don’t also want to lose weight. Looking at my weight as I am NOW, I am a bit over weight. Becoming fit for ME means losing 15-20 lbs roughly. I did my research and found my perfect healthy weight for myself. Wanting a thigh gap, a smaller butt, a flatter tummy, or smaller legs etc is not a BAD thing. The bad thing is hating your body and letting those desired consume your weight loss. You need to love your body in all its imperfections whether that be rubbing thighs, a tummy pudge, or stretch marks; but striving for your ideal weight and measurements isn’t a horrible thing at all !

Also, if me posting an occasional picture of meat, cookies, bread, calories, carbs, or whatever is bad for you to look at then please just scroll past it. I enjoy my food. I really do, and if just looking at a picture of a cookie makes you uncomfortable I would suggest re evaluating your relationship with food. 

I only SUPPORT healthy weight loss. I may not have the same view point as everyone, but I see beauty in all girls. Being obese, anorexic, bulimic, fit, skinny, thick, short, tall, I completely disagree with the media. I see someone suffering from anorexia to be simply stunning. These girls are strong no matter what situation they may be in, and I will always stand by what I say and MEAN it when I say “you ARE beautiful.” But I will under no circumstance promote or support any lifestyle that is unhealthy or harmful to the body. Your body is a treasure and a living picture of your life. Therefore treat it with respect. Your choice of weightloss is entirely your own, but please do not ask me to support anything I do not agree with. 

Thank you <3

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Stop wishing.

Stop wishing for her body, her face, her boobs, her legs, her waist, her butt, her confidence, her metabolism, her whatever. Start looking right in front of you in the mirror and see your greatness. See your worth. See everything you have been blessed with. Think for a second what would happen if you were one day given her body? You wouldn’t know how to feed it, what amounts, how fast you burn calories, how strong you were, how healthy you really were. You all of a sudden couldn’t run that mile you could with your body. You would start to all of a sudden gain weight at a fast pace because you didn’t understand the body like you understand your own. You wouldn’t be as strong or as motivated as you are now to EARN that body. Wishing and getting that “dream body” would put you back where you DON’T want to be. Is that what you really want? The fact of the matter is you AREN’T her you DON’T have her body you have YOURS. So what are you going to do about it? Live your life miserably, wishing away your body or your life? Or are you going to suck it up, love your body you have been blessed with, and show yourself how great you really are. Stop wishing. Start enjoying your life.

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REBLOG if you are a healthy weight loss blog. guy or girl ! (: dash is dead.

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This isn’t for the skinny girls in the mall, the boyfriend you want to have, the parents you wish you could please, the friends you want to look like, the picture you post on your wall, the clothes you wish you owned. This is for YOU. Not for anyone or anything. You alone. You can make it happen. Do this to finally feel confident. Do this to be strong. Do something for yourself.

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I need healthy recipes.

my biggest flaw in my weightloss journey is food. I love to eat, and before now I just figured everything good comes in an oreo box. I loathed going to diets or eating right, because i thought “psshhh i cant eat ANYTHING good.” LIES LIES LIES. i have discovered that there is an entire buffet of healthy recipes waiting for me, but i dont know many. 

so what are your favorite healthy recipes for your weightloss?

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I don’t get it. Being bigger used to be a sign of wealth and prosperity, because having a lot of food was a luxury hardly anyone could afford. Now, living in the blessed country we now live, starving while having a surplus of food unlike the rest of the world has now become the image. I don’t get this absurdity. Utterly ridiculous.

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Do this~! I want to come back to messages!

http://distortedl00ks.tumblr.com/ask   !!!

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I may lose a battle here and there, but I’m sure as hell going to win this war.

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Lose the weight to be a happier, healthier, more fit YOU. Not an unhealthy, puny, miserable imitation of some picture you found in a magazine.