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So! As you all know this is my weightloss/fitspo blog for myself that I have had for almost a year, and as you all know(or don’t know) I’ve been away for awhile due to school, stress, getting sad frequently, and just straying away from this lifestyle. I have not backtracked too far, but I have backtracked some. BUT this is about to change through a very big change.

My best friend and I both want to lose weight, and we both do boxing together as well as handle stress in awful ways that transform into depression, eating, etc. And we both have tried it on our own to lose weight, but have had little success.

WELL. I have been talking to her, and she wants to start a weightloss blog. I told her about my current one (this one) and we have decided to adapt this blog as now OUR blog.

I will be on regularly, but she will begin posting and reblogging some and signing her name so you know which one is on the blog currently C:

We have also adapted this into a challenge considering both of us are EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE.

Whoever can lose the most body fat percentage (we will calculate this on a weekly basis) will win for that week. we dont know what or for how long of a period, but we want to lose around the same weight as well C:

So, I hope this will be a good experience for all my followers as well as us C:

She will be “moving in” soon, and i hope this will be the motivation and inspiration to kick our butts as well as your butts into shape C:

So it begins..

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you dont even know how much i needed this right now.

Unfollowing EVERYONE! Reblog if you’re a weight loss blog, thinspo, or fitspo blog!

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Reblog this if you’re a thinspo/fitspo/weightloss blog! I want to follow you.


I know I did this the other day but I didn’t get too many answers. MY DASH IS DEAD!! I need some new people to follow.

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Grilled Eggplant Salad with Cress, Feta and Oregano

that looks delicious

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