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I need some help.

Lately I have been losing motivation to work out and try as hard. School is just so stressful and I really don’t have a lot of time to myself, and when I do have free time I am so exhausted all I want to do is literally sleep or read a book. 

Would it be bothersome to ask you guys to maybe leave some words of motivation in my ask for me? 

It has been a rough new years start as far as school goes, and I’m trying my best to stay positive (which I have so far! :3) , but i just need a push to go workout and make time to take care of my body.

I need to go to bed now, but please. if anyone happens to read this i really need the encouragement. 

Stay strong lovelies <3 you all are beautiful and can do this (:

goodnight all!

Really sore and tired from yesterday’s extreme workout.

BUT im not stopping because i feel “sore” from so much exercise. i am kicking it off first thing by doing some weights and cardio before i have to go to a bonfire tonight. im heading to get some frozen yogurt (im doing this a lot lately) with a friend that i have not seen in a few months so i am very excited <3 (: 

im also learning that food is not your enemy. im not feeling terrible after every sweet i eat. food is meant to be enjoyed, not to be feared. learn moderation, and its fine ! 

Also note: if you hate your body during the journey, the end will prove no different. 

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Dear lord. So tired. Workout overload.


Workout today:

  • Insanity : 115 minutes
  • Did 7 miles on 8 resistance elliptical (about an 8-9 minute mile pace) 
  • Did 1/2 mile on 16 resistance (about 10 minutes) 
  • Danced like a lunatic in my kitchen while making cheesecake : 10 minutes
  • Did weights for 20 minutes
  • Extra 40 or so pushups and leg lifts. 

I. Am. So. Freaking. Tired. 

Reblog this if you’re a thinspo/fitspo/weightloss blog! I want to follow you.


I know I did this the other day but I didn’t get too many answers. MY DASH IS DEAD!! I need some new people to follow.

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Checking out your progress after a hard workout at the gym:



Motivate me.


  • Write “ABS” in my Ask box = 10 crunches
  • Write “LEGS” = 10 squats
  • Write “ARMS” = 10 push up
  • Write “PLANK” = 1 minute plank

my ask wasnt on before (fail) now GO GO GO :D