Most intense workout in 3 months

And all im running off of is juice and tuna XD

we did the hardest circuits in boxing tonight in 103 degree weather. We also had a new trainer that is a FEMALE HOCKEY PLAYER. screw jillian michaels, this chick was just oh my god. I was about to die.

The circuit was:

25 kettle bell squats (15 lb each kettle)

125 mountain climbers

20 wall balls (10 lb medicine ball)

20 medium grip push ups (from knees)

20 V ups

100 skaters (thought i was dying at this point)

50 kettle bell swings (with 20 lb kettle bell)

Then 1 lap around the entire building complex


I was the only one who finished the entire thing (minus the last lap because it started lightening and we had to finish it inside) And the trainer personally said when i finished the circuit we would start boxing. So, she basically did the last 1 1/2 circuits with me. I almost threw up 3 or 4 times, and fought passing out all over the floor. But oh, god. when i swung that damn kettle bell for the last time. I was like. THIS. IS. MUTHA FUDGIN FITNESS. Sweat dripping, eyes stinging, legs shaking, I finished the last 20 minutes with intense boxing circuits and walked out of there a freaking champion.

And that, my friends, is why I do fitness.

2 days of juice down, 8 to go.



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Boxing kicked my ass all over the place

throwing tires across the parking lot…. push ups. boxing. running running and more running. suicides with medicine balls. i look nasty, feel AMAZING, and i smell TERRIBAD. this workout tonight kicked me so hard. Im so ready to start this juicer competition tomorrow !

but for now. im going to go collapse on the couch and stuff my face with solid foods before tomorrow begins~


Heck Yes

:D Cam

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My favorite Muhammad Ali Quote

hope you get something out of it


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Back from boxingg.

Hi, my name is stacey and my arms dont work right.

I think im going to go lie down for the rest of the day. oh, wait. that’s right. i have a wedding to go to and shopping to do before that.

We didn’t have our normal trainer today (stephanie) so her husband (stewart) took over the class. and lemme tell you. holy shit. our workout :

1 min of each:

shadow boxing with weights


wall ball

10 mountain climbers/1 push up

bag jumps

and medicine ball jump squats


1 minute of each (2 times through [if one wasnt enough])

Front raises with weights

flutter kicks


kettle bell swings

bag sits


THEN after we did that we went to the bags for boxing. (for about 15 minutes?)

then after we did mit work we went straight into boxing cardio

which was:

hit each bag in a row 50 times (there were 4 in each row), then run allllll the way out in the parking lot, touch the fence, and run back

then 40 on each bag in a row, run, touch, come back





I walked outta that place like a mutha fudgin spartan.

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I have found the local jillian michaels.

and she teaches my new boxing/fitness class.

she sounds like her.

acts like her.

and her work out is like hers.

omfg this is the best decision of my life ever.

like you have no idea.

she scares the shit out of me.

i love it.

and i hurt.

a lot.

that is all.

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How was everyone’s day?

any successes? Any good workouts? I’d love to know ! :D

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workout for today. I was so sore I definitely was not at my peak.

Running and I had an off day, but my legs just would not keep going. 

Oh well! Had a great arm day with weights (:

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My full workout for the day (:

I am exhausted ! But it was AMAZING. 

follow me on fitocracy for more of my workouts (:

It’s a great motivator ! (that’s where the points come into play)

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This body you are in is temporary. Whether you are at your UGW or your highest weight, you have to work every single day to either keep what you earned or earn what you want. Don’t be upset by the girls who have already succeeded in their goals, because they have to work as hard as you do every single day to maintain those goals. Chin up beautiful, and never stop striving. You will get there. I promise.

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If you are a fitblr, you will understand.

When your working out in the gym like

And you’re about to go on the treadmill when this bitch in hardly any clothes comes in like

and steal your favorite treadmill. At first you’re like

but then your like

And then they stand on the treadmill for 5 minutes trying to work it 

Then they start it to a creeping walk and start to flirt with the guy next to them

So you sit on another machine waiting for them to get off the treadmill and then they finally do and you’re like

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That amazing moment when you are running through the pain, and suddenly the pain starts to fade. Now you feel you could run forever.

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Women who take pictures of themselves working out without breaking a sweat. Can you tell me your secret? Because I just finished my workout, and I look like I just crawled out of a well.

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Alright guys. Jiu Jitsu seminar saturday. Time to really hit the workout tonight.

Im driving my foot into this workout. lets goo. 

hows your workouts going?